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30th 2003f April, 2003

Twilight Zone

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How’s this for weird. Megan, my 6 year old daughter was stood in my bedroom last night putting on lip balm. She called me in because she couldn’t find the lid, which she had put on the cupboard in my room. I turned the room upside down trying to find it….it wasn’t there. I’ve just […]

27th 2003f April, 2003

Welcome Back

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Welcome back….I never thought I would really get into blogging, I decided to give it a try for a while and see how it went…but I’ve really missed being able to login and ramble on about my day…so here we go again. A big thank u to Mike for putting this back together for me, […]

26th 2003f April, 2003


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Welcome back to Kim’s Korner. Unfortunately, after a hosting disaster all the original content was lost. The Management