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30th 2003f November, 2003


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We went to the Legh Arms in Adlington last night for a meal with my Mum, Dad, David and Heather to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday. He was working on his birthday so we didn’t all get to see him. The food was excellent and an hour in the Wacky Warehouse wore Meg out nicely.

25th 2003f November, 2003

Happy Birthday Dad

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Have a great Birthday Dad (Don’t work too hard tonight) Love, Kim and Steve xxx

22nd 2003f November, 2003

Christmas Fair

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Never again….going out on the razz when you’ve got to get up the next morning to help at the school fair is not advisable. I didn’t have a hangover I just wanted more sleep!! Never mind it was worth it, I am pleased to say that along with a few of the other parents we […]

22nd 2003f November, 2003

Waggon Inn

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While Steve and Mike were losing their hearing at the Linkin Park concert, I went out with my mates from work. We took a trip up to Uppermill to see an ex-workmate, who now owns his own pub. I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it turned out to be a very […]

20th 2003f November, 2003

Rubiks Fun

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Looking for some new games? Just found this addictive site…click on image for a ‘puzzling’ time…sorry

20th 2003f November, 2003

Frustrating Day

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I spent five hours on Tuesday reproducing spreadsheets for Lloyds with information they require for their claims analysis. I walked into work this morning to an e-mail informing me they’d changed their minds, could I reverse everything I’d done and now produce revised spreadsheets….of course…no problem….it’s what I live for…not!! So after pulling my hair […]

19th 2003f November, 2003

Good Read

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Just finished reading The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell, the last book in the Dr Kay Scarpetta series. The books are very well written murder mystery stories from the point of view of the chief medical examiner. A must for anyone interested in forensic science style investigative stories. I thought I’d missed a few along […]

18th 2003f November, 2003

Happy 75th Birthday Mickey

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On 18th of November 1928 Steamboat Mickey was released and the most famous icon in the world was born. In 1929 he uttered his first words “Hot dogs..Hot dogs”. On the 23rd of February 1935 Mickey starred in his first colour cartoon and changed to the modern Mickey character in November 1939. He has starred […]

16th 2003f November, 2003

Christmas Shopping

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We attempted to do some of our Christmas shopping via the internet today. We managed to find a few things…all on different sites of course. For the time spent it wasn’t a very successful venture, but it could have been worse, we could have spent the same amount of time walking round the shops at […]

13th 2003f November, 2003

Shocking Pressie

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This looks like a good idea, it’s probably the only way I’ll get on the computer from now on…. Now that Megan has her own blog I can’t get anywhere near it….