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30th 2003f June, 2003

Monday Already

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We didn’t want to get up this morning. I left Megan in bed until 8:00 which only leaves us half an hour to get ready, but she was exhausted which is very rare. Why is it she never wants a lie in at the weekend, this is one of life’s great mysteries. Megan is becoming […]

29th 2003f June, 2003

The Weekend

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Quite an enjoyable weekend all in all. Bit of shopping, bit of socialising and plenty of relaxing. Megan went swimming with her Daddy, Jamie and Gramps today. Her Daddy said she did very well today, jumping in without her armbands and attempting to swim without them. Jamie is a great inspiration to Megan, she wants […]

28th 2003f June, 2003

It’s Raining

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Oh well I suppose it the good weather couldn’t last forever. Me and Megan got soaked when we went shopping after school. The heavens opened just as we came out of the shop and it’s very difficult to move at any speed when you’re trying to control a shopping trolley and six year old…the trolley […]

26th 2003f June, 2003

Rice Pic

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Another beautiful day. It’s great to come home and spend some time in the garden with Megan. Meg went to Rainbows tonight. When I arrived to pick her up they were playing games outside…she was really enjoying herself. This is the picture she made…it’s made up of different coloured rice…good idea must remember that one […]

25th 2003f June, 2003


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Dropped Megan off at school, popped to the gym and then chilled out in the garden with my book…no not finished it yet, nearly. Had a quick computer lesson then went and picked Meg up. We went to the library as promised after school..again it had to be a new library. Megan is determined to […]

24th 2003f June, 2003

Swing Low

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Another tense day at work today…not sure how many more I can take. My boss wants to see me again on Thursday regarding my contract, I refused to sign it because they stated that because I was part time I would have to make up the hours missed through Bank Holidays. We have had this […]

23rd 2003f June, 2003


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Sorry, been too busy to blog over the last few days. Every time I’ve had a spare moment I’ve had my head buried in the new Harry Potter book. I’m over half way through and it is brilliant. Well had a busy day on Saturday..we went shopping and got Meg kitted out with some new […]

20th 2003f June, 2003

One more sleep

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Well the race is on, can I get the new Harry Potter book read before someone gives the plot away. I wonder if Megan would agree to staying in all weekend with no radio or television… probably not. Good news!! The drawing out ointment worked, I will not have to resort to sitting on Meg […]

19th 2003f June, 2003

Well Done Meg

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Megan handed her sponsorship form into Rainbows today, she has raised a grand total of

18th 2003f June, 2003

Roll on 21st

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I haven’t really got caught up in the hype for the new Harry Potter book and had no intention to rush out and buy it the minute it was released. But I found out a little bit about the plot over the last few days and realised that the book would probably be spoilt if […]