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31st 2003f August, 2003


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Back to the gym this morning, trying to get back into some sort of routine after getting back from holiday. Megan and Steve went swimming and apparently she spent the whole time blocking the stairs getting out to jump in again and again like she did on holiday. She had another go without her armbands […]

30th 2003f August, 2003

Chinese Banquet

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Graham left work yesterday so we all went out for a chinese in Bramhall. I’m not a lover of Chinese food, but I must admit I really enjoyed the meal which was a mixture of different meats. I got to try things I wouldn’t normally order and washed them down with a vodka or two […]

28th 2003f August, 2003


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Ok….who turned off summer!! I know we’ve had a great summer but I’m not ready for it to end yet, another month or two would be great. 🙂 Apparently this time last year we were having flash floods so I suppose I shouldn’t moan….much

27th 2003f August, 2003

School Uniform

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I could put it off no longer…school uniform time had arrived. Megan spent the morning at gymnastics. She came out alot more enthusiastic this time, very pleased with herself for walking backwards along the beam and performing chin ups on the high bar. She is now practising handstands all round the room. Having tried on […]

26th 2003f August, 2003

Back to Work

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Arghhh…don’t you just hate that first day back in work after your holidays, especially when you know nobody has done any of your work. As usual my desk had disappeared under piles of client files. The major decision of the day being…where do you start!!! Mum and Dad took Megan to Lindow End near Macclesfield […]

25th 2003f August, 2003

Bank Holiday

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Had a very lazy…sorry relaxing weekend enjoying the sunshine, apart from catching up on some washing of course! Our printer has taken to printing half a page then missing five or six pages then printing the remaining half…extremely frustrating. So, having spent an endless hour looking at the variety of printers now available we settled […]

23rd 2003f August, 2003

Washing Dayz

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My washing machine committed suicide a few hours before we went on holiday so we had the added joy of buying a new one as soon as we arrived back. Now most people only go and buy a new machine when theirs has already broken…so taking this into account why is it that it takes […]

22nd 2003f August, 2003

Blue Planet

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We took Megan and Jamie to the Blue Planet Aquarium today, we hadn’t been before and I must say I was very impressed. I expected it to be rows of endless tanks that all start to look the same, where you struggle to find the animal that’s supposed to be inside. It has been very […]

21st 2003f August, 2003


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Happy 9th Birthday Jamie Hugs and kisses Love Megan xxxxxx Have a great day Love you lots Steve and Kim xxx xxx

19th 2003f August, 2003

Back from our Jollies

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We’ve just got back from Turkey morning. An enjoyable relaxing time was had by all. It was a beautiful place, we had a spectacular view from the hotel overlooking the whole bay. I would highly recommend a visit and am looking forward to seeing different parts of Turkey in the future. The only thing I […]