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29th 2003f July, 2003

Wasp Invasion

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We were invaded by wasps at work today. They were the sort that dive bomb you then disappear under your desk…so you spend the next quarter of an hour waiting for it to come out again…never does though does it. We’ve been trying out different pieces of equipment to find out which is the most […]

28th 2003f July, 2003

I’m Back

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Sorry for the temporary disappearance…things to do, you know how it is. Firstly, Happy Birthday to my Mum for last Thursday, hope you had a good day and all your wishes came true. We had one slight problem though. Megan insists on a birthday cake for everyone…it’s just not a birthday without one. But everyone […]

10th 2003f July, 2003

Chinese Banquet

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Megan had a special night at Rainbows tonight. They started off the night with a chinese banquet, which according to Meg consisted of rice, prawn crackers and some fishie things. Then she went with her cousin Bekki into the Brownies to see some “real life owls”. All I’ve managed to get out of her about […]

9th 2003f July, 2003

Sunny Dayz

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Megan made the most of the good weather, here is another of her beautiful creations. Well done Meg.

8th 2003f July, 2003

Roly Polys

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Megan was practically strutting into gymnastics tonight. Jamie had given her her leotards this weekend and Megan wanted to wear one today. It must have made her feel the part, she told me how she was going to do really well today. She learnt alot of new things tonight which meant alot of instructions which […]

5th 2003f July, 2003

Curry Night

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Had an excellent night last night. It was Daniel’s leaving do at work and he decided he wanted to go to Rusholme for a curry. One of the people with us knew the owners so he ordered a variety of foods for us, which was good because I got to try things I wouldn’t normally […]

3rd 2003f July, 2003

Paper Sculpture

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Megan was very proud of the paper sculpture she made at Rainbows tonight. Here she is showing off her creation. And an added bonus…she wasn’t shattered when she came home, unlike last week when things just went from bad to worse no matter what I did. I’m slowly drowning under paperwork at work, everybody is […]

1st 2003f July, 2003

Wet Weather

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Oh well at least it saves me from having to water the plants. Couldn’t get Meg out of bed again this morning, she had a good 12 hours last night. She’ll have caught up just in time to be up early at weekend! Claims bordereau day at work again today. Sarah, our computer technician sat […]