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30th 2003f May, 2003


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The weather held another day and it was round to my Mum and Dads after work for the first bbq of the year. They had taken Megan for a walk along the canal earlier on and she had collected some flowers for the table…very nice. We stuffed ourselves, then relaxed in the garden for the […]

29th 2003f May, 2003

Crazy Paving

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Another beautiful day…unfortunately I spent most of it at work. Megan spent the day at her Nans. Meg and Jamie had had a very artistic afternoon drawing chalk pictures on every paving slab in the garden. They literally let their imaginations run wild…it was very impressive. And for once the product did exactly what it […]

28th 2003f May, 2003

Getting Warmer

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The weather is definitely getting better…let’s hope it stays for a while. Supposed to be getting better tomorrow…don’t want to go into work 🙁 Megan has been working on her sponsored helping jobs list today. She is taking part in a sponsored childrens marathon challenge through Rainbows. She has to complete 26 jobs for me […]

27th 2003f May, 2003

Work Work Work

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It’s getting alot busier at work now, which I must admit I prefer, the day goes alot quicker…it’s just that I don’t seem to be getting through it. Files are hitting my desk quicker than I can get them off. I had to start a new pile on the floor today, no room left on […]

26th 2003f May, 2003


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The sun came out today so we made the most of it. We got the garden tidied up and the rest of Meg’s flowers planted out. I got a pleasant surprise when my neighbour cut my hedge when they did their own…saved me a job. We did a little shopping, Megan has out grown another […]

23rd 2003f May, 2003

Holidays Again!!

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Megan is off school again already…they weren’t even back in three full weeks this time. Well at least she won’t have nits for two weeks…there is an epidemic at school at the moment, I’m lucky if Meg goes three days in school without catching them again. The school can’t do anything anymore, so Megan has […]

22nd 2003f May, 2003


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Hands up everyone who sick of the rain…I’ve had enough of getting soaked taking Megan into school and picking her up, then watching it clear up every evening when it too late to do anything. Never mind Big brother starts tomorrow…yes I’m a people watcher. If I don’t watch it I haven’t a clue what […]

20th 2003f May, 2003

What a Performance!!

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Well after 20 minutes of tears, the plasters finally came off and the verdict is that one of them is a bit gooey at the moment but not as bad as what I was imagining. Mind you, you would think her leg was falling off the way she carried on afterwards 🙂 Talking of things […]

19th 2003f May, 2003

Not Again

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Megan has topped herself…when I picked her up from school today she had fresh plasters on both knees…she has managed to fall over and remove the skin from her knees before the previous scab has healed. I am unsure as to the degree of damage this time because she would not take the plasters off […]

18th 2003f May, 2003


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The weekend is nearly over already…why is it that work days drag on forever and the weekend flys by. Time plays serious tricks on our mind. It would be nice if just once the good times dragged out. Had a girlie night with Meg, went to the gym a couple of times, watched a couple […]