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28th 2003f September, 2003

Blackpool or Bust

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Megan went out with a few of her friends to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday yesterday. They went to MacDonalds and then went to the cinema to watch Spy Kids 3D. She really enjoyed herself…. …then we took off for Blackpool with Jan, Jamie, Paula and Pete (Mike was babysitting the boiler.) The girls had a ride […]

27th 2003f September, 2003


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Congratulations on the great news. Roll on May 2004.

26th 2003f September, 2003

Thought for the Day

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“When life hands you lemons…..grab the salt and pass the tequila baby!!” ….sounds good to me 😉

24th 2003f September, 2003

Jobs Worth

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I’ve just been putting my garden waste wheelie bin out for emptying tomorrow…I noticed the neighbours had theirs out…I keep forgetting until the van is outside my house. I mentioned to my next door neighbour that the bin hadn’t been emptied a couple of times when I’d put it out because there was only a […]

23rd 2003f September, 2003

Harry Potter Books Banned

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The Harry Potter book series topped the American Library Association’s top ten national banned-book list last year due to it’s focus on wizardry and magic ……only in America!

22nd 2003f September, 2003

Next Day

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Then we had everyone round to ours today to celebrate Steve’s Birthday today and it just isn’t a birthday for Meg unless there’s a birthday cake….

22nd 2003f September, 2003

Happy Birthday Steve

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Happy Birthday Daddy love you lots and lots Megan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Have a great day Love Kim xx

21st 2003f September, 2003

All Curried Out

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We went for tea in Rusholme tonight with Jan, Mike, Jamie, Wendy, Paula, Kate and Pete to celebrate Paula’s birthday. and she was suitably embarrassed…… Then it was all back to Paula and Pete’s new house for a coffee and a nosey….very nice

21st 2003f September, 2003

Happy Birthday Paula

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Have a great Birthday Love Kim and Steve xx Hugs and kisses love Megan xxx

19th 2003f September, 2003

Where’s it going

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Well that’s another week gone and as I keep being reminded Christmas is nearly here. I must admit I bought my first Christmas present today, probably the earliest I’ve ever bought one. It was off the book salesman that comes into work…they have some really good bargains so you have to get them when you […]