16th 2003f May, 2003

Wet Again!

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Raining again, feel a bit tight sending Megan to school in her summer dress,
but I don’t have alot of choice due to the fact that she has grown out of the
rest of her uniform.

Works not too pleasant at the moment, we have a new Director who is trying to
introduce alot of the working practices that she used when she was at her last
company. She used to work for a huge national insurance company and be in
charge of a few hundred people. She is now in charge of 6 people and doesn’t
seem to have grasped that the same concepts don’t work in every situation. All
she is managing to do at the moment is put everybody’s back up and has everyone
reaching for the job ads.

Megan had a major trauma tonight…part of the scab on her knee…which I must
admit is a cracker this time… caught on her pjs and was hanging off. It took
me a while to persuade her that she wouldn’t rip her knee off if she pulled the
scab off. Two minutes later she called me back up saying “her nail was coming
off”!! This turned out to be a tiny catch on her finger nail which took me a
second to bite off.

Well time for bed..before I go my unusual fact for the week is that apparently
polar bears are left handed. Again, did they find this out by going to the
North Pole (yes I did look it up) and ask a load of polar bears to write
something or play tennis??

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