20th 2003f May, 2003

What a Performance!!

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Well after 20 minutes of tears, the plasters finally came off and
the verdict is that one of them is a bit gooey at the moment but
not as bad as what I was imagining. Mind you, you would think her
leg was falling off the way she carried on afterwards 🙂

Talking of things falling off…we had details of a lovely claim
in today. A man working in an engineering plant tripped over and
threw his hands out to stop himself from falling. Unfortunately
one of them went into a piece of machinery and just about cut off
his thumb. Sometimes it’s better to just fall flat on your face
and take the ribbing.

Work is picking up a bit now…I’ve lost half of my desk to files!!
But better to be busy stops the day from dragging…especially when
your desk is sat facing the clock!!

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