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3rd 2003f May, 2003

Busy Busy

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Got the shopping out of the way this morning, then me and Meg played games, made pen toppers and finally sorted out her greenhouse plants. We’ve had to buy some slug pellets today, they are sneaking up the legs of Meg’s greenhouse and having a midnight feast on her new plants…she’s not impressed. Although perhaps […]

2nd 2003f May, 2003

Unusual Facts

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I’ve not really had a very interesting day today, just work, work, work….so to add a little interest I am going to try and find an interesting or unusual fact to put on my blog every Friday. So here goes…. Apparently, banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour….how do they know!!!!

1st 2003f May, 2003

Wet Again!!

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Raining again…must be a Bank Holiday weekend. Busy day at work preparing claims spreadsheets…a job which will get easier when it becomes more automated….eventually. It seems a waste to have spent all this money on a new system to improve efficiency, only to have the whole process delayed by human inefficiency! Megan had fun today […]