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16th 2003f May, 2003

Wet Again!

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Raining again, feel a bit tight sending Megan to school in her summer dress, but I don’t have alot of choice due to the fact that she has grown out of the rest of her uniform. Works not too pleasant at the moment, we have a new Director who is trying to introduce alot of […]

14th 2003f May, 2003

I’m Not Tired!!!

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Couldn’t get Meg out of bed today which is very unusual normally she’s pestering me to get up, but she’s had two late nights on the run so stand back and wait for the fireworks…it didn’t take long!! Went and worked off a bit of steam at the gym before picking Meg up from school […]

13th 2003f May, 2003

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday Hev Have a great day. Love Kim and Megan xx

12th 2003f May, 2003

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday Mike/Gramps Have a great day and don’t work too hard. Love Kim and Megan xx

10th 2003f May, 2003

This and That

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Me and Megan had a this and that day today..we did a bit of this and a bit of that. We started off with a bike ride to the park this morning. Then Meg planted some of her flowers in the garden, which reminds me that I forgot to put slug pellets down…hope they’re still […]

9th 2003f May, 2003

Badly Fitted

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I had to take Megan back to the shoe shop this afternoon, her new shoes had rubbed her big toe to the point of bleeding. The woman in the shop was fuming, she showed me that the shoe was actually too small across the width and Megan’s small toe was actually pushing out the side […]

8th 2003f May, 2003


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Megan has just been reading one of her books to me…she is an excellent reader and never ceases to make me feel proud. This of course means that I have to watch what I leave lying around!! I will never forget the first day she read to me and how amazed I was that she […]

7th 2003f May, 2003

Healthy Day

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I started my healthy day by having my induction course at the gym I joined today, which basically meant having a personal trainer show me around the gym equipment and set me a personalised training plan. I was impressed with the facilities… and like the fact that it’s not full of people more preoccupied with […]

6th 2003f May, 2003

Back to School

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Megan went back to school today…this is how she looked before she went to school… not so when she came home..she managed to fall over at playtime and took the skin off her knee. Boy did we have fun at bathtime..couldn’t get her to sit down, I had to chase her round the bath with […]

4th 2003f May, 2003

Fun Day

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We had a fun filled day today. I took Megan and Jamie (my little sister), to see Jungle Book 2…second verse same as the first… but quite entertaining. The girls enjoyed it and that’s the important thing. We followed this up with a trip into Stockport with Mike (Jamie’s Dad)to watch the “Dancing in the […]