4th 2003f June, 2003

I’m back

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Had a short break due to technical problems…my computer was poorly.
It’s now all better, hopefully..thank you Steve.

Quick round up of the last few days. Saturday was another glorious
day so me and Meg took our bbq round to Jan, Mike and Jamie’s and I
topped up my tan. Megan and Jamie spent the afternoon in the paddling
pool…although Wendy ended up as wet as them and she didn’t even go
in 🙂

Sunday – a quick swim and an afternoon in the garden. I was very
pleased with myself for curing a leak in my car radiator…but this
was very short lived when I tried to turn my car around and it refused
to go into reverse which is a bit of a problem when the car is parked
face down on an inclining drive. OH NO not another problem!!

Monday straight to the garage who just changed my clutch and an hour
later it was fixed…NO CHARGE…it made up for the inconvenience and
it’s nice not to be ripped off for a change. Megan stayed the night at
Jamie’s. It’s nice to have time to myself, but I still feel totally
lost without her.

Tuesday – went and picked Meg up after work. She’d been very artistic
again with Jamie and they had redecorated the flags with chalk. Today
has been enjoyable. We did some shopping, painting, had our hair cut
and had tea at my Mums.

Well that’s a quick round up of the last few days, see you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “I’m back”

  1. mike Says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  2. kim Says:

    thank you