7th 2003f June, 2003

Hot Hot Hot!!!

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An update on last night…it was an excellent night. Good food, good
music and plenty to drink…what more could you ask for. A good time
was had by all.

Picked Meg up from my Mum’s, she’s had a good time too, didn’t get to
sleep until 10 though and up at 6 so she was a little trying later on.
But we had a good day, she helped me mow the lawn so that we could
spend the afternoon playing with the boules we’d bought earlier on.
Meg won, of course! We finished the day off with a trip to the park.

I’d promised Megan an ice cream from the ice cream man after tea and
we waited and we waited and we waited but no ice cream man. So a
promise is a promise…I took her to the shop to get one and wouldn’t
you know it just as we’d finished them the ice cream man arrived!!!

One Response to “Hot Hot Hot!!!”

  1. paula Says:

    flippin eck Kim,you have been busy..;-)
    it was good to see you at Jans you look well xx