16th 2003f June, 2003

Another Scorcher

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It was another hot day today, but unfortunately like alot of
people I had to watch it through the window at work. Never
mind I’m off on Wednesday and guess what…they’ve forecast

Megan stopped me before we went to school this morning and said
she had something she didn’t want to tell me. She must have
fallen yesterday when she was picking strawberries and got
gravel in her hand. Had she have told her Dad yesterday when
she did it he could probably have washed it straight out, but
now it has closed up sealing the gravel in her hand…Meg has a
habit of running away and not telling anyone when she has hurt
herself, which will one day I’m sure be disastrous.

Anyway, I went to the chemist to see if I was going to have to
sit on her and dig it out with a pin…but hopefully the drawing
out paste they have given me will do the trick.

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