24th 2003f June, 2003

Swing Low

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Another tense day at work today…not sure how many more I can take.
My boss wants to see me again on Thursday regarding my contract, I
refused to sign it because they stated that because I was part time
I would have to make up the hours missed through Bank Holidays. We
have had this argument many, many, many times and I really haven’t
got the patience to go there again.

On a lighter note Megan went to gymnastics again after school, she
was brilliant. It was more structured this week. She was amazing
on the bar, hanging there like a little monkey. The trainer had
her moving along it, turning around half way across and lifting
herself up. She was confident on the beam, even going backwards
at one point…I couldn’t watch of course. Meg was very pleased
when the trainer complimented her.

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