30th 2003f June, 2003

Monday Already

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We didn’t want to get up this morning. I left Megan in bed
until 8:00 which only leaves us half an hour to get ready,
but she was exhausted which is very rare. Why is it she
never wants a lie in at the weekend, this is one of life’s
great mysteries.

Megan is becoming more adventurous..she actually went to tea
at Chloe’s tonight. It was a definite no on Friday morning
when she was asked, but by the end of Friday she said she was
going, and surprise surprise she had a great time. The only
problem is that she now wants a playhouse in the garden like
Chloe’s…it has to have an upstairs…thanks Chloe.

Well back to my game, I’m into Super Bounce Out at the
moment, it’s very addictive. I’ll just have one more go 🙂

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