3rd 2003f July, 2003

Paper Sculpture

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Megan was very proud of the paper sculpture she made at
Rainbows tonight. Here she is showing off her creation.

And an added bonus…she wasn’t shattered when she came
home, unlike last week when things just went from bad to
worse no matter what I did.

I’m slowly drowning under paperwork at work, everybody is
trying to clear their desks before going on holiday and
unfortunately everything is ending up on mine. Oh well at
least the day flew by.

I had all good intentions when I got home of doing a few
odd jobs before taking Meg to Rainbows, but ended up trying
to knock myself out walking into the heating vent outside
and having to sit down before I fell down. I now have an
extra lump on my head which I am bound to forget about when
I wash my hair tomorrow…wait for the screams.

One Response to “Paper Sculpture”

  1. mike Says:

    Megan, Lovely sculpture.
    Kim, Ouch!! 🙁
    I hope your head doesn’t hurt too much.