8th 2003f September, 2003

Above the Below

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Well he’s at it again…at 9:30 on Friday David Blaine entered
his glass box and is hoping to “hang around” for the next 44 days
emerging on the 19th of October.

As his only intake will be water, he is expected to lose about
45lbs over the six weeks…someone will probably turn it into the
next diet fad…”the Blaine Diet”.

His aim to isolate himself without any distractions hit a slight
glitch this weekend as members of the public pelted him with eggs,
golf balls and stones.

He is also causing major traffic delays over the bridge as people
slow down to catch a glimpse. It would be interesting to know the
total number of accidents caused by Mr Blaine rubberneckers at the
end of the six weeks…wonder if anyone will be sad enough to keep

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