10th 2003f September, 2003

Big Brother Technology

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The micro chip technology that already allows people to be located via
their mobile phones could soon be installed in household objects. TVs,
computers, DVDs, etc are to be fitted with micro chips that monitor
their location and normal proximity to each other and would immediately
alert police should there be any unexpected change. The technology is
expected to be up and running in Manchester within the next six months.

I presume that the objects would have to be moved some distance from
each other to trigger the alarm…otherwise you’d have the police
bursting through the door every time you rearranged the furniture!!
Also does the alarm trigger if the burglars carry the items out in close

Anyhow the idea seems to be that you should get your stuff back at
some point because the tagged items can “probably” be located to within a

It would be more amusing to have a tag that makes the object scream
extremely loudly “HELP HELP I’M BEING STOLEN” when it was picked up….the
down side of course being that the thief would probably drop your TV or
computer out of fright 😀

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