6th 2003f October, 2003


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We had a letter from school last week telling us that there had been
complaints regarding the car parking situation.

Apparently half of the Council car park that we have to park in has
been sold off to offices and they have complained that they can’t park
in the mornings because parents aren’t vacating their spaces quickly
enough. Rubbish!!

The car park is still half empty when we leave at 9 o’clock. The actual
problem is at 3 o’clock when we arrive to pick up our children and the
car park is full and we are forced to park on the chevrons.

So we had a letter informing us that from today if we were in the car
park after the alloted times we would be issued with a ticket..and low
and behold waiting for us at the car park at 9:00 was a traffic warden,
book at the ready. As the children are often late going into and leaving
school I can see a good few arguments happening over the next few weeks.

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