22nd 2003f October, 2003

Dreaded Dentist

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One of my fillings fell out a couple of weeks ago and I had to go
back today to have it refilled. “What are you worried about?” says
Hev (my sister-in-law and dental assistant) “its just a small filling,
temporary out and new filling in, no problem”. Yeh…right.

Turns out there was alot of decay under the filling and it turned out
to be a “crater”, my dentist’s description, not mine. Might have to
have the tooth removed if the filling doesn’t settle down…just
fantastic 🙁

They’ve got a lovely device which takes instant pics of your teeth
showing you in glorious technicolour the state of your gnashers…not
a pretty sight.

On the bright side Heather is very proud of the fact that she now has
her name on the brass plaque outside the dentists…well done Hev.
the dentists

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