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9th 2003f November, 2003

Bottom 2003

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Steve and me went to see the fifth Bottom concert last night, ‘Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour…not normally my sense of humour I’m more of a Billy Connolly, Lee Evans fan… but have to admit it was very funny. Their performance was excellent as per usual. There are two guys who are never going to grow […]

8th 2003f November, 2003

Bonfire Party

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We had a combined firework/birthday party last night which went with a bang! (sorry) Megan hasn’t been keen on fireworks, she hasn’t even come out of the house up to now, but she really enjoyed it this year. She held a sparkler for the first time, although as per usual she waited until we’d used […]

7th 2003f November, 2003

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday Nan special hugs and kisses love, Megan xxxx Have a very Happy Birthday love Kim and Steve xxx

6th 2003f November, 2003

Final Episode???

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Went to see this today, couldn’t wait til the weekend. I thought it was better than the second film. The special effects were if possible even better than in the previous films. The ending was excellent, and everything is now perfectly clear (if I understood it correctly!!) I hear there is talk of a fourth […]

5th 2003f November, 2003

Firework Night

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Have a safe one.

3rd 2003f November, 2003

Back to school

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Had to drag Megan out of bed this morning…she didn’t want to leave her new bedroom. I suppose I should be pleased really!!

2nd 2003f November, 2003

Meg’s Purple Pad

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The hard work put in by Megan, Daddy and Mummy has been worthwhile. Megan’s pleased with it and thats the important thing. Meg’s purple desk…. Daddy’s twinkling star creation…. Meg’s chilling out hideaway….

1st 2003f November, 2003

Finishing Touches

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Finished painting Meg’s bedroom at last. We had a quick trip to Ikea for the finishing bits…and a hotdog of course. We managed to get her desk…which had to be purple and a few more bits, then back to Stockport for carpet. This proved more of a problem as Megan really wanted a purple one […]