11th 2004f January, 2004

Back in the Swing

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Well that’s the first week over…always a struggle,
especially when you had such a good time while you were

Didn’t even get to sit down at my desk on my first day back
before I was informed I had a new desk…as if the first day
back isn’t unsettling enough! I now have my own office, which
isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…miss the gossiping. Must
admit though got a lot more work done.

Well I’m stuffed now, Steve has just cooked us a delicious breakfast
(always better when someone else makes it). Which raises the point
we discussed while we were away…all the women agreed that they
couldn’t cook and then eat and enjoy a cooked breakfast…the men
on the other hand enjoyed it anyway…and thought we were weird!!

What a brilliant end to the week.

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