13th 2004f January, 2004

Peter Kay’s Bundle of Joy

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Peter Kay’s a Daddy…awwwwwwww!!

Little Charlie Michael arrived last night weighing 7lbs 3oz
…”Mother and baby are both, thankfully, doing very well”

So begins a new life….and plenty of new material for his
next show!

23 Responses to “Peter Kay’s Bundle of Joy”

  1. kate Says:

    hiya kim dya mmind if i nick ur pic
    thank u !!!!!!!!!
    x x x x x x x x x x

  2. kim Says:

    no probs, nick away

  3. tixy Says:

    ya baby is well cute n am a big fan av got like evrythin
    u av dun

  4. tixy Says:

    is there any more on the way
    that wud b well cute ….
    orrrr . am a regular visiter 2 da site n i

  5. sammie Says:

    hiya i am a big fan and your baby is sooooo cute

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi pete

  7. Jo Arch Says:

    Hi pete, My little boys name is Charlie aswell, and he was born in June 2004. Im a huge fan!!

  8. Jo Arch from coventry Says:

    Hi pete,
    My Charlie has a fractured arm and has a lovely plaster on it. I bet your bao is into all sorts now.
    I think your work is brilliant. Never laughed so much.
    Very talented.
    When have you got a new stand up tour?

  9. Sue Peacey Says:

    Awe Peter Kay mate i’m so proud of you being Charlie Michael’s Daddy
    this picture of you with your son is sooo sweet, awe bless his little cotton socks, i bet he takes after you, is he funny & cheeky like you are to me. oh 1 thing Peter Kay mate don’t you dare to encourage your own son to swear, cause i don’t want him copying your swear words

    see you soon down here if you do any tours
    i love you Peter Kay mate
    from Sue
    send my love to your son Charlie from Auntie Sue & Uncle Ian

  10. Sue Peacey Says:

    Peter Kay mate it’s me again your best mate Sue

    What a gorge baby son you have, my Ian says hi to you, he thinks your baby’s lovely. Ian & I have heard you & Susan has a 2nd son called
    Finlay James is that right? Like i said see you down here if you do any tours as my niece Bec will take me to see you, Ian 2 has said he will come with Mattie & my Ian to see you as well. I’ll tell him on Thursday when he brings my Ian here. I hear your coming to the Reebok Stadium to do another tour there is that right as well? & yes i will watch you on
    Paul O Grady’s show on Wednesday the 27th of December.

    oh well see you on Saturday the 4th of November at your tour with Bec, Ian 2, Mattie & my Ian we all look forward to seeing you.

    Will you keep in touch with me please matey

    love you Peter Kay bezzie mate 4eva

    from Sue, Ian, Ian 2, Mattie & Bec


    tell your 2 sons Auntie Sue, Uncle Ian, Uncle Ian 2, Uncle Mattie & cousin Bec is asking after them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Colin wainwright Says:

    That will dinkdankdoo for peter kay

  12. vicky and mark Says:

    awwwwww the pic of u wid ya son charlie is soooooo cute! huge fans of ya mate! hope ur son follows in ur footsteps and grows up to be just like his daddy!! chat soon mate!!! toodlytoo for now X 🙂 buhbye!! ~x~

  13. Peter Kay Fan Says:

    Like ya babby. Loved ya book. Congrats

    PaigeX Hull

  14. rebecca farr Says:

    that baby is so sweet he looks like hnis mother

  15. Joan Says:

    aww 🙂 he is so cte n peter i hink ur the funnies person ever x

  16. bridgette Says:

    hey!!! omg!!
    i luv ya!!
    read ur book!!
    twas brill!!
    ur baby’s real cute!
    ur soooooo funi!!
    will be watchin phoenix nites l8a!!
    luvs it!!

  17. gemma Says:

    hello peter kay,
    i am 13 years old and my whole family loves your comady, we have most of ur dvd’s.

    i am at south wirral high school right now doin about my hero which is u!
    i am finding out about you and your family!!!

    plz keep up all ur wounderful comedy an plz can u try and do a show in the wirral? all of my family would come 2 watch!

    thank you 4 ur tym xxx

  18. jen Says:

    awwwwww he is really sweet – bet he looks like his daddy – awwww

    love from jen – by the way – ur book is top – i am reading it now – up to he bit when you were working at the supermarket and what you did to mr.tickle lol – really funny xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Anonymous Says:

    hi nice baby

  20. Emma Says:

    Does he like chesecake you dont do you Peter? awwww cute baby you both should be proud.

  21. Molly Says:

    Hi! Your baby is soooo cute!!!!

    I love your work Peter. IM A HUGE FAN. My favourite show of yours is in The Bolton Albert Halls. I have never laughed so much in my life.

  22. RACH Says:

    congratulations to peter and wifey,georgeous baby!

  23. rachael Says:

    i am 12 and i thought the shows at blackpool tower and bolton were dead funny. i hope you and your family are very happy and baby charlie will grow up to be a comedian too.