11th 2006f March, 2006

Irish Feis

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Megan took part in her first Irish Dance Competition today
and was fantastic (sorry, proud parent moment!!)

She was awarded 3rd in her first dance, two 2nds and
2nd in her Trophy dance.

Well done Megan, we are very very proud of you

One Response to “Irish Feis”

  1. megan Says:

    thankyou i am proud of my self to i had lots of fun and hoping to be in another one and see if i can win first place lol.I am proud of louise aswell for getting fourth place and see if she can get third place or even higher.But thankyou mum and dad for sorporting me and cheering on for me.The first time i went up there it was a bit scary but i started to get yous to it after a wail but any way thankyou for saporting me and i had a great time

    love you very lots
    love from megan x x x x x x x x x