3rd 2006f May, 2006

Which ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Character Are You?

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23 Responses to “Which ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Character Are You?”

  1. pirate-babe Says:

    wooo i got the sexy one lol
    will turner obviusly!

  2. jack lover Says:

    yeah right freak, Jack Sparrow is the hottest guy on the planet!

  3. Captain Jack Gurl Says:

    Im feeling really sexy im Jack!!

  4. wonder Says:

    he’s a great actor has a great personnality

  5. Pirate of usa Says:

    wow i feel like wicked hot !!!! I got capatain jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jack Dreamer Says:

    He is the hottest guy on earth! i love him!!

  7. Jackz Grl Says:

    woooohoooo i got the sexy guy… i feal totally hot

  8. Pirate luvr Says:

    OMG!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot!!! i’ve read lotz about him even some quotes of his (which by the way r really funny!!!!) he is the GREATEST AND SEXIEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rachel+Johhny Depp Says:

    I love Johnny depp I have seen all of his movies and I think he is a great actor and sumday I hope to meet him, !!

  10. Helene H. Torgersen Says:

    I love honny depp! and i love he`m like jack sparrow!
    How can i get hes address?

  11. anonymous Says:

    wahoo! I got jack. (he’s way hotter than will.)
    just what I was expecting, too. I love jack.

  12. P. Says:

    wow. I got Sparrow ;). I love you jonny.

  13. carolina Says:

    hi jhoni depp i lique you i love you mi and you ilover you as agreged to mi hotmail wath is piolin_cpl@hotmai.com …….caho…… and kisess and cherrys
    bye by

  14. popescu tudor alexandru Says:

    jhony deep you are a genial and a pretty actor. i love jhony deep becase he appealed to me as jack sparrow in pirates from caraibean.
    you are the most sexyest actor in all world . i love you jack

  15. jacob Says:

    jack sparow

  16. jazmin Says:

    I think that Jhonny Deep is a great actor but also Orlando Blum fue icreible berlos juntos en una pelicula.

  17. Orli_Rulez Says:

    Will Turner is sooooooooooooo HOTT!!! he is soo cute in every movie especially in POTC 3!!

  18. Mrs.Depp Says:

    All of u guys suck!Iam the 1 who really luvs Johnny Depp! He is the greatest man of all times! y is every1 falling for Orlando? Its Johnny Depp who is the best! Orlando is alrught but i luv johnny!

  19. kathy Says:

    OMG i am madly in lurve wid orlando bloom!!! he is GORGEOUS!!!

  20. abigail Says:

    hello.. i love you a lot!! you are the best actor on the world! you are fantastic.. i love you.. best whishes! AbI..

  21. mrs.sparrow/pirate princess Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! i LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE jack sparrow/johnny depp! im complety and ttly obsessed!!!!!!! jack sparrow is the sexiest guy to walk this earth!!!!SO much HOTTER than will!!!!!!!!

  22. ali Says:

    hey man i personallyy think i m frm india and after sharukh khan any body is extremely talented is johnnyy deppp he is the natural actor …… these guys r very rare and shoud be appresiated in ever thng they do so keeppp it up man best offf luckk…

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