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16th 2003f September, 2003

Harry Potter

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Must get round to reading The Order of the Phoenix again. I was in such a rush to get it read before anyone gave away the plot that I must have missed alot. Apparently there has been a pirate copy of the book recently released in Venezuela translating it into Spanish. Unfortunately the person translating […]

13th 2003f September, 2003

Busy Busy

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We had a busy day today. Megan went to Sean’s birthday party at Dreamieland in the Trafford Centre. She had a brilliant time. But all we could get out of her was how good the ride was… especially as it involved squirting water guns. We followed this up with a three hour trip to Ikea! […]

12th 2003f September, 2003

Day 7

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David Blaine has now been in his box 7 days. He is already feeling dizzy when he stands does he expect to last 6 weeks without passing out. The latest annoyance has been a group of spectators shining laser pens at his face…very funny. He got the last laugh though, they were arrested because […]

11th 2003f September, 2003

Fire Fire

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Megan went to the fire station with Rainbows tonight (I went along to help…it had nothing to do with the uniforms…honest) 😉 They were shown a couple of videos and tried on some of the uniform. Then after the fire engine came back from a call out they all got to spray some water (Megan […]

10th 2003f September, 2003

Big Brother Technology

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The micro chip technology that already allows people to be located via their mobile phones could soon be installed in household objects. TVs, computers, DVDs, etc are to be fitted with micro chips that monitor their location and normal proximity to each other and would immediately alert police should there be any unexpected change. The […]

9th 2003f September, 2003

Funny Film

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Just watched The Man Who Sued God starring Billy Connolly an extremely amusing film especially when you work in insurance. Basically Billy’s boat gets struck by lightning and the insurance company refuse to pay out because it is considered an act of God…. so he decides to sue God. I won’t go into any further […]

8th 2003f September, 2003

Above the Below

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Well he’s at it again…at 9:30 on Friday David Blaine entered his glass box and is hoping to “hang around” for the next 44 days emerging on the 19th of October. As his only intake will be water, he is expected to lose about 45lbs over the six weeks…someone will probably turn it into the […]

5th 2003f September, 2003

School Dayz

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Well Megan has finished her first week back at school. She was a bit reluctant because she has another new teacher, but she seems to have settled straight back in to it. As per usual she hasn’t done any work, or had any dinner…nothing new there then 🙂 Here she is looking smart in her […]

3rd 2003f September, 2003

Car Trouble

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When we were out on Saturday the boot on our Megane wouldn’t unlock, which left us with one car with a locked boot and the other with one that wouldn’t lock….real useful. We had to replace the motor on the Megane….or I should say we wanted to just replace the motor but of course had […]